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音樂使你快樂: Music makes you happy...

音乐使你快乐: Music makes you happy... (simplified)

Chinese mp3s and translations

Cecilia Cheung by mimichan


June 24th, 2007

ARTIST: Wen Lan 溫嵐 Landy Wen
ALBUM: You Dian Ye 有點野 A Little Wild
YEAR: 2001
DOWNLOADS: SendSpace FileHO YouSendIt
01. Can U Feel It // uptempo R&B
02. 北斗星 Bei Dou Xing (the Big Dipper) // love song
03. L.A.N.D.Y // chill R&B
04. 動心 Dong Xin (Touch the Heart) // duet love song
05. 跟著我Party Genzhe Wo PARTY (Party With Me) // pop-rock
06. 眼淚知道 Yanlei Zhidao (Tears Know) // sad ballad
07. 仰望天空 Yangwang Tiankong (Look to the Sky) // pop-rock
08. 1 + 1 = 0
09. 蒲公英 Pugongying (Dandelion) // beyond awesome minor key ballad
10. 愛太急
11. 屋頂 Wuding (Rooftop) // Disney-style duet with Jay Chou
MY TAKE: This is an out-of-print album, but I own it. Unfortunately I can't find it right now, and I only ripped the songs I liked onto my computer. I was able to snag a few more because they were on her best-of collection, but I didn't find track 8 and 10. So you don't get them. Sorry.
I think the tags are pretty messy too, so sorry about that as well.
What I'm not sorry about: THIS ALBUM KICKS ASS. It's a really good mix of slow and fast, happy and sad, and even the songs I don't like aren't bad, they're just not my taste.
The links go to the translations, all mine, except for track 11, where I link to the excellent one by Jay Chou Studio. I don't have all the pinyin done, and I will probably procrastinate on it, so if there are any songs you particularly want pinyin for, drop a comment to that effect.
I particularly love L.A.N.D.Y. and Pugongying, so their lyrics, and invidual download links, are below the cut.
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June 3rd, 2007

rocking it

Cecilia Cheung by mimichan
Five rock-ish songs for your downloading pleasure. I have to say rock-ish because finding pure rock in cpop is difficult. Hopefully you'll find this a nice mix of modern and older stuff.

Under the cut:
Deep White 深白色2人组's 2006 song "Nothing Wrong"
Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿's 2005《完美的一天》"A Perfect Day"
TONE 仲維軍's 2006 "6:57am"
Bibi Chao 趙之璧's 2005 "She Has What You Want" 她有你要的
Tanya Chua 蔡健雅's 2003 "Stranger" 陌生人

And translations of course!
Requests are open omg request someone plzzzzzzzz

Edit: I forgot to mention, I uploaded My Little Airport's album "The OK Thing to Do on Sunday Afternoons is to Toddle at the Zoo" here. Yay Hong Kong indie-pop!

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May 31st, 2007

I was accepted into National Taiwan University's International Chinese Language Program (台大國際華語研習所), which means I'm going to Taipei at the end of August and staying there until next June. Am I excited? Well, if this were a cartoon, there would be a me-shaped hole in the ceiling above where I read my acceptance letter. In celebration, I offer an entire album for download, something I hardly ever do. This album is old and YesAsia doesn't appear to be stocking it currently, but it's worth getting.
I will upload individual tracks upon polite request.
Requests are open.
My next post will have a rock-ish theme.

ARTIST: 蕭亞軒 Elva Hsiao/Xiao Ya Xuan
ALBUM: 愛上愛 In Love With Love/Ai Shang Ai
Downloads: SendSpace MegaUpload FileHO
01. 我就是我Remix (I Am Me - Wo Jiu Shi Wo Remix) /// DRUM'N'BASS
02. 進行式 (Progressive Mode - Jinxing Shi) f. Hu Yanbin /// DUET
03. 開始愛 (Begin to Love - Kaishi Ai) /// LUSH DANCE
04. 愛情專用 (Reserved for Love - Aiqing Zhuanyong) /// CHILL SYNTH
05. 一輩子做你的女孩 (Be Your Girl For a Lifetime - Yi Beizi Zuo Ni de Nvhai) /// HAPPY BALLAD
06. 愛上愛 (In Love With Love - Ai Shang Ai) /// LATIN HIGH BPM
07. 想到你 (Think of You - Xiangdao Ni) /// SAD BALLAD
08. 原始 (Primal - Yuanshi) /// SEXY DANCE
09. 不配 (Doesn't Fit - Bu Pei) /// SAD MID-TEMPO
10. 魔術 (Magic - Moshu) /// FUNKY MID-TEMPO
11. 我就是我 (I Am Me - Wo Jiu Shi Wo) /// DISCO
MY TAKE: One of my first Chinese album purchases, Elva released "In Love with Love" in 2003. It's a great album and still one of my favorites, with a great blend of fast paced dance music, chill mid-tempo songs, and slow ballads. Elva wrote the lyrics to track five and seven, and she has some great help on the others, including Deep White (深白色) and Hu Yanbin (胡彥斌) who sings the duet "Jinxing Shi" with her.
It's hard for me to pick favorites because I pretty much like them all, except track 11, which is too Bee-Gees for me. They're all really great for karaoke too, easy to sing, at least if you can keep up with the fast near-rapping of track 6.
Click the cut for the translations; click on the track name to go to the full translation page at chinesesongs with the romanizations etc.

May 6th, 2007

dance dance devolution

Cecilia Cheung by mimichan
imageniooous requested some dance songs. So, here are three. I'm home from college for the summer so expect more frequent updates, especially once I get my computer hooked up. (These files were scrounged from my mp3 player.)
Under the cut--Elva's "Wo Jiu Shi Wo", A-mei's "Yes or No" and Jolin's "Dancing Diva." Plus the translations, as usual!

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April 4th, 2007

ai ai ya ai ya

Cecilia Cheung by mimichan
Mavis Fan got her start in 1990 at age 17, singing cute songs for cartoons, with a pure image. When she became an adult she started doing a lot of outrageous stuff to change her image (think Mandy Moore). Now she's one badass indie pop queen.
Here are two songs from her 2004 album "Is There Another Way?"--"Because" and "Ghost Doll." In terms of attidude, you can compare her to Tommy heavenly6, but the music style is more similar to other Taiwanese indie pop acts, such as Ziran Juan.
You can watch the music video for "Because" here. There's an MV for "Ghost Doll" too; if there's enough interest I'll upload it.
I'm also happy to announce that FileHO is working again, so you have three downloading options.
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March 23rd, 2007

Marching on

Cecilia Cheung by mimichan
I've been having some difficult times, so I haven't been updating, telling myself that I would do it when I things were better. Well things aren't getting better and I need something to distract me, so I'm updating. :D
BTW why does my university want the students to die? It charges $1.25 for soda and $1.35 for water! OW, MY HEALTH. OW, MY WALLET.
Two mp3s: David Tao's "Taoyan Hong Lou Meng" and Amu's "You Yi Zhong Ai Jiaozuo Fang Shou".
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January 15th, 2007

New Year, new songs... and some relatively old songs... and some songs that have been in the fridge for a while, but I sniffed at them and they don't smell bad. All lovingly translated and uploaded for your consumption.
Faith Yang Nai Wen - Nvjue (Madam)
at17 - Nei Ho Maa? (How Are You?)
Angela Zhang Shao Han - Baohuse (Camouflage)
Cyndi Wang Xin Ling - Dang Ni (When You)

Please do comment if you enjoyed your stay on zhongwenmp3 :D

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January 7th, 2007

non-file style!

Cecilia Cheung by mimichan
Hello, sportsfans! I don't have any Chinese media for you right this second... but I do have a link to an community that has some, and 3 new translations!
Join _ongaku and you can download the new album 1087 from Elva Hsiao Ya Xuan 蕭亞軒.
I translated three songs from that album, the booty-shaking single 表白 Biaobai (Elva's album translates it as "confess" but I translated it as "getting it clear"), the funky song L.o.V.e and the sweet ballad 我的男朋友 Wo de Nanpengyou (My Boyfriend) that Elva wrote herself!
表白 translation! This song reminds me of something t.A.T.u might do, particularly their song "Klouni"/"Clowns". There's a bounciness, but also a sense of disconnection, like pop-and-lock dancing. The English isn't cringe worthy! Yay! The MV on YouTube. Is it just me or is the boy in this video Hirai Ken? LOL Elva's certainly not behaving shy in the video!
LoVe translation This song is kinda mid-tempo, very chill, with Elva's trademark lush voice tempting you. It's funny how she manages to spell L O V E in five syllables. o_O Ah well. "La la na na la di da!" Edit: Apparently this is the second single! LOL I guess I know how to pick them! The MV on YouTube.
我的男朋友 translation The first twenty seconds of this song, I thought it was just a boring, unoriginal ballad, and I was about to hit "next track." I'm glad I didn't. Once the singing starts, it gets a real sense of urgency and a driving flow. The lyrics are very cute too.
I really like this album, so I'm open to taking requests to translate more tracks from it.
I'm starting on the pinyin as soon as I post this, so it should be up soon.

There will be an actual post with music files later this week. I hope everyone had a good Christmas season!

ETA: I found out why the album is called 1087! It's because it's been one thousand and eighty-seven days since Elva's last album (5th Avenue) came out. Wow, longer than I thought!

December 23rd, 2006

Peace to you all! As long as I still get to make fun of Canada. Peace on earth and mockery for all, I say. America's certainly not exempt.
I kind of... lost... my Chinese Christmas music folder. But I'll find it, hopefully, tomorrow. In the mean time, here are some English, Latin, French and Polish songs for Christmas.
I'm trying out a new file host service: FileHO. Let me know how it works.

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happy monkey!
It's antepenultimate Christmas Eve! Or penultimate Christmas Eve, if you consider 12:28am on Friday night as Saturday morning instead. Anyway, there's no music in THIS entry, but there WILL be music in tomorrow's entry; hopefully to be updated in the late hours of the 23rd of December, here on the Eastern coast of the United States.
The purpose of this entry is twofold. Firstly to pressure myself into actually doing the update rather than kicking back and eating chocolate. Secondly I wish to put out an all points bulletin for Chinese Christmas music. It is really hard to find Chinese Christmas music, or at least it's thwarted me.
My planned menu of holiday delights will be of the "World" variety, and containing my favorites, and some little-known carols. It should contain the following music, and possibly more:
Joey Yung's "Xmas Chihuahua"
an mp3 that is labeled 成龍 - 平安夜 but sounds like neither Jackie Chan nor Silent Night
麥兜 - 噢!聖誕 A Cantonese version of "O Tannenbaum"
That's it.
Catie Curtis - Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming
Mediaeval Baebes - the Holly and the Ivy
Mary Hopkins - Cherry Tree Carol
Mediaeval Baebes - Gaudete
Mediaeval Baebes - In Dulce Jubilo
Mediaeval Baebes - Veni, Veni Emmanuel
Elyse O'Connor - Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle
Mireille Mathieu - Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes
Mediaeval Baebes - Star of the Sea
Kolędy - W żłobie leży
Bruce Cockburn - Iesus Ahotonnia
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